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The Indian Institution of Plant Engineers (IIPE) believes in dissemination of Knowledge, Promoting and encouraging Plant Engineering for every ones benefit. Plant Engineers to meet the challenges of increased necessity of better and efficient project and equipment management in various sectors of Industry through..

Plant Engineering is the function responsible for Planning, designing, specifying, installing, modifying and maintaining plant facilities, systems and equipment.Plant is typically a site of Machinery and equipment operated for Industrial and Manufacturing processes.

The world of Plant Engineering and construction is at the moment are springing up everywhere as around the world including Mega-Plants. Bigger, higher, further is the motto in major plant engineering which is increasingly moving its base in the emerging markets like India.

Role of Plant Engineers

Plant Engineers have a variety of responsibilities in industry, all of which are dedicated to greater efficiency, lower cost and higher profitability for a manufacturing facility. Plant Engineers work affects the equipment, the workers, product standards and specifications. Plant engineers provide assistance and direction as a routine to other plant personnel in proper plant procedures and manufacturing methods.Part of this routine involves providing guidance for preventive and repair maintenance to ensure plant operations are able to meet quotas and deadlines.

The Indian Institution of Plant Engineers (IIPE) Conducting education and training programs,organising conferences, seminars and workshops to provide interaction and development technological and managerial capabilities among plant engineers Establishment of the rightful role and position of plant engineers in the hierarchy of management in Industries.

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