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Developing global competitiveness among Indian MESE’s

The Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) sector contributes significantly to the manufacturing output, employment and exports.

It is estimated that in terms of value, this sector accounts for about 45 per cent of the manufacturing output and 40 percent of the total exports of the country. The sector is estimated to employ about 42 million persons in over 13 million units. Further, this sector has consistently registered a higher growth rate than the rest of the industrial sector. There are over 6000 products ranging from traditional to high-tech items, which are being manufactured by the MSMEs in India. It is well known that after agriculture, the MSMEs provide the maximum opportunities for both self -employment and jobs.

(Article appeared in http://smetimes.tradeindia.com)

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The other side of Entrepreneurship

Today there is an ever increasing interest towards entrepreneurship. Almost everywhere and at all levels there is an increased inclination to start something new or do something different! Yes and today India’s environment has drastically changed from what was perceived a decade or two ago. Opportunities are there everywhere for entrepreneurial Indians who are willing to take on the challenges! That brings us to today’s write-up.

By Mr. Raj Shankar, Principal Strategist, ichiban Consultants

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Care of Belting

Rubber compounds are subject to attack by ozone (0), ultra violet light, heat, oils and solvents. The conveyor belting is continually subjected to varying degrees of human abuse. What are the effects of these on the life of the rubber conveyor belts?

From www.dunlopbelting.com

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Predicting The Life Of Rubber Covered Conveyor Belting

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