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Guide lines for Load inertia calculation to select the motor


(Article appeared in www.mugul.com)

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Environmental Management Oriented LCA has been developed in last decade all over world to analyse environmental problems associated with the production and its product. In this comprehensive framework only thermal, electrical and raw material inputs are covered but its impact on resource depletion is not reflected satisfactorily. The usage of exergy analysis is coming into fore front for industrial processes. Hence, it is felt that the exergy analysis can provide useful insights into process industry like cement as it is one of the most energy and bulk raw material consuming industry. In this paper efforts has been make to integrate exergy with LCA for achieving the goal of saping the environment on a sustainable basis.

 By: Dr S N Pati, A Pahuja and M Selvarajan, NCCBM,Ballabgarh.
(Article from 11th NCBM seminar)

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Buckling of Chimney - A Diagnostic Investigation

A cement plant, located in one of the Southern States of India, was facing the problem of corrosion of chimney shell of pre-calciner string of kiln system. The rotary kiln is equipped with two strings of pre-heater; kiln string having four-stage pre-heater cyclones and pre-calciner string having six-stage pre-heater cyclones. The chimneys in both the pre-heater and pre-calciner strings of kiln circuit were made of mild steel and installed in 1983 and 1998 respectively. The service life of kiln string chimney was around 20 years. When chimney shell thickness was measured in July 2007, a high wear rate of the chimney shell of pre-calciner string was observed that subsequently led to the state of buckling. The chimney shell was gradually chipped off in the form of flakes leaving the residual shell thickness as low as 2 mm. National Council for Cement and Building Materials (NCB) undertook the diagnostic investigations to identify the causes of buckling of chimney due to corrosion and suggested remedial measures.

By : Y P Sethi, S K Chaturvedi, S N M Khan and M Vasudeva, NCCBM, Ballabgarh.( Article from 11th NCBM seminar)

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Trouble shooting power transmission coupling

Article as appeared in Maintenance Technology International INC.

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