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The Ins and outs of Pressure –Reducing valves

Pressures in fire-protection systems that exceed the maximum allowed by NFPA standards must be reduced to acceptable levels for sprinkler systems and fire department hose valves. High-rise buildings, for example, often require pressure-reducing valves. A pump that is capable of supplying the minimum acceptable pressure to the top floor will deliver excessive pressure to lower floors.

Article and technical write up reproduced from Magazine - Plumbing Engineer.

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Frequency Controlled AC Motor Drive

The squirrel cage induction motor is the electrical motor motor type most widely used in industry. This leading position results mainly from certain excellent features of the squirrel cage motor such as:
• Uncomplicated, rugged construction. For the user this means low initial cost and high reliability.
• Good efficiency coupled with low maintenance costs resulting in low overall operating costs.

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Unlearn to Innovate

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