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Message from IIPE PATRON,


At the outset I would like to congratulate the efforts of Mr. P.R.Athreyan ably supported by Mr. V.R.Ravichandran, Mr. K. Baskar, Mr. K.S. Ramalinagam and Dr. Rayudu for their untiring enthusiasm amidst numerous odds in bringing out the Website of our Institution.

Also I wish to place on record the contribution of the Tamil Nadu Chapter for the financial support for the project. Needless to reiteratethat the website will provide the much needed link between theChapters, Centres and Divisions to promote exchange of ideas and experiences. The website will also provide us the vital digital identity to IIPE which will enable us to project the image of our institution with all the stakeholders at large. Infact I am given to understand that the website has attracted within a short time the attention of a Professional Institution in Malaysia who has volunteered to have networking with our Institution.

Another advantage of the website will be to e-publish our plant engineering journal which is a life link for the plant engineering professionals. This will facilitate wider circulation of the journal creating visibility to the institution.

The usage of the website can be maximized only with the wider usage of the members and with their active contributions. I look forward for the valuable contributions from all our members in days to come.

Seasons Greeting and Best Wishes to all our members



"Instituting a Zero-Based Maintenance Budget Program"

By S.Ramalingam, Patron - IIPE

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"Dabbawala shares secret of success "


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21st AMMP is planned for 2nd to 4th July 2009 at Hyderabad.

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