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India’s Sustainable Green Growth – Renewable & Rural

By YP Chawla – CEO Zoom Developers P Ltd.

Preamble: Integrating the Rural Economy with main stream is the major challenge that India is facing today. Government has embarked upon number of Scheme for the purpose. Rural Electrification, Decentralised Power Generation, Prime Minister Rural Roads Scheme, Increased Irrigations, Telephone connection, Drinking Water Supply, Sanitation, all lead to Power requirements for development of the Rural Sector. Renwable Energy thru’ Solar(Alternative options compared& Challenges facing these technologies presented), Biomass based power generation, Biodiesel, Micro Hydel , other Renewable Energy Technologies – all have a great exploration potential can well integrated in the development of Rural economy & for leap froging India’s development using green path.

India is currently experiencing a rapid growth in energy demand, accompanying with economic growth and industrialization. Adequate energy development & supply is therefore, a major challenge, which offers immense opportunities for tapping the renewable energy potential. The speed of Economic Growth is not to be impeded under the pressure of Developed World’s – Cimate Control regime. The Energy development is always an integral part of the economic policy, & the efficient use of resources and long-term sustainability remains a core objective of economic planning. Sustainability also encompasses efficient harnessing of available natural resources & issues related to ecological balance in addition to an established delivery mechanism, prevalent systemic technological constraints and pressing compulsions to meet the priority needs of the economy, economic equity and self-reliance. Thus, as a basic need of the economy, security of energy supply becomes an imperative........

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