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From PEJ Chairman,

Dear IIPE’ns

Good Morning, It gives me great pleasure to address you all after the recent GCM & AGM of our National Body @ Hyderabad, which went on well due the traditional hospitality of Andhra added to the vitality of our A P Chapter & COPES.

We, at T N Chapter again confirm our active support to all Chapters and the PEJ –Online. We expect more interactions through our web http://www.iipe.co.in We expect more exchange of valuable articles of professional interest and national importance.

In this connection I would like to have responses to the Forum initiative of the undersigned through these columns – the first forum being ‘Great Indian Engineering Challenges’.

I would like to refer to the deliberations of our GCM @ Hyderabad and the pre-GCM Meeting @ New Delhi during last Jan in which our IIPEans were showing more focus on Re-Engineering our BOS which is long due.

Now I am opening the Second Forum called ‘Re-Engineering BOS’ in these columns so that our IIPEans can share their views /ideas on how to revamp our BOS.

To be continued....page 2


"Asset Performance Management - Driving Excellence through a Reliability Strategy in Real-Time"

By Aberdeen Group & Management Resources Group.

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Educated Engineers: the only basis of a Sustainable Society.


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