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What is Flyash Cement

When coal and waste are burned in power plants, they create a non-combustible byproduct called coal ash. Two distinct types of ash particles make up coal ash: bottom ash, which collects on the bottom of coal furnaces, and fly ash, which is caught in the smokestacks. The vast majority of the non-combustible material is fly ash, which travels up in the flue gas and gets caught in the smokestacks and chimney. This residual needs to be cleaned out and disposed of on a regular basis. One way that this material can be reused is by combining it with other materials to create fly ash cement


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Facts About Plants Growing Under Different Colored Lights

Plants convert light into energy and oxygen by photosynthesis. Indoor lighting can provide the full spectrum of light needed for photosynthesis. Plants use the different colors of light in varying ways during the photosynthesis process.

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Renewable Energy for Inclusive Growth – Role of NGOs

Article by IIPE’n : Mr. P Chawla Hd. Of Energy Sector Apollo Tyres

National Jt. Secretary – Northern Region

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