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"Interim Managers" - The Different breed of Manager

By K.S.Ramalingam

We have seen the era of VRS and now the era of Global Melt-downs. Everywhere some of the top companies listed in ‘Built to Last’ are now being put under bankruptcy or pulling their shutters down...

We have seen the demise of Communism in Russia and Western Europe & Asia. We are seeing the downfall of Capitalism also. The great mixed economy coined by our first & popular Prime Minister Mr. Nehru is being re-looked upon by US also......

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"The Power of a Paradigm Shift"
By Mr. R. Sridharan  Secretary – TNC – IIPE.

The word paradigm comes from the Greek. It was originally a scientific term, and is more commonly used today to mean a model, theory, perception, assumption or frame of reference. In the more general sense, it is the way we “see” the world, not in terms of our visual sense of sight, but in terms of perceiving, understanding, and interpreting.

Each of us tends to think we see things as they are that we are objective. But this is not the case. We see the world not as it is, but as we are or as we are conditioned to see it. When we open our mouth to describe what we see, we in effect describe ourselves, our perceptions, our paradigms........


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  1. A small note of the worlds biggest engine

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