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A insight on Fire Extinguisher

It is a mechanical device created for putting out fires. The history of the fire extinguisher goes back to the 19th century, when George William Manby, Captain of the British militia, noted that firemen in Edinburgh weren’t able to reach the top floors of the buildings. He made a cylinder of copper which contained water and compressed air. The firemen only need to point the hose to the fire to extinguish it.


Article downloaded from http:// /www.firesnoop.com

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a term that is often bandied about the web these days and often attributed to different things that -- on the surface -- don't seem to have that much in common. So just what is Cloud Computing? I've heard it called a service, a platform, and even an operating system. Some even link it to such concepts as grid computing -- which is a way of taking many different computers and linking them together to form one very big computer.

Article downloaded from http://webtrends.about.com

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Thickness Measurements Using Laser Triangulation

Understand how best to use laser displacement sensors to measure the thickness of products at high speeds and from long standoff distances.
Article downloaded from http://www.sensorsmag.com

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