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From PEJ Chairman,

Dear IIPE’ns

Wish all the members and family members a Happy and prosperous new year 2009. The ECI has recently sent the r3ecommendations of the 6th Conference with the theme – Re-Engineering Engineers, held on November 28, 2008 at New Delhi.. This meeting was attended to by both academia and the industry. The conference was supported by the Member Associations of ECI. The ONGC was the Principal Sponsor of the conference. The proceedings will follow shortly.

A copy of thought provoking recommendations is attached herewith for your reference and record.

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Response to our PEJ Chairman’s Request on “Forum for Discussion on the Great Indian Challenges”

Mr. Kuntal Kumar Sanyal

Article – 1 : A Synopsis About Inclusion Of The Subject “Introduction To Industry & Industrial Safety” In [B.E] Bachalor In Engineering Course For Making Fresh Graduate Engineers More Effective For The Industry

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Benzene - It’s Characteristics And Safety In Handling, Storing  & Transportation

By Mr. Kuntal Kumar Sanyal


Benzene is parent aromatic compound. Main source of Benzene is Coal Tar. This is produced during condensation of Coke Oven Gas, generated by carbonization of coking coal. In Bokaro, Benzene is extracted by destructive distillation of Crude Benzol, recovered from Coke Oven Gas. Benzene is extraordinary stable and does not react easily. Its structure is cyclic.  Structure as stated below gives an idea about How Benzene is extracted.

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