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From PEJ Chairman.

Dear IIPEans,

I would like to refer to my editorial in our first Online Edition where I opened a Forum nick named as “GREAT INDIAN CHALLENGES “ for discussion by our IIPEans in our web mag as below.

I would like to open a Forum for Discussion on the Great Indian Challenges waiting for us during the next 50 years. Hereby I invite members to share their valuable views in M S Word Format within 250 words and send to feedback@iipe.co.in

We will compile the ideas in due course and submit in a form of booklet to interested agencies of the Government or Industrial Associations for guidance on Technology /Business or Development Planning as the Road Map by IIPE for the next 50 years.

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To curb Green House Gases (GHG) Emissions from Industry

Mr. Kuntal Kumar Sanyal

Air quality is getting detoriated day by day with the advancement of human civilization in the name of growing industrialization and population growth. Toxic gases are emitting from automobile exhaust and from Factory chimneys. This poses environmental problems like acid rain, smog and global warming. Main reason of “GLOBAL WARMING” is due to increase concentration of emission of CO2 in the atmosphere which hinders dissipating heat from earth’s surface. “GLOBAL WARMING” due to emissions of Green House Gases ( GHG ) gives a big threat to human civilization. Population growth plays a vital role in increase of CO2 emissions.

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A Presentation on "GLOBAL MELT DOWN "

By Mr S.B.Koushik
Committee Member—IIPE, Tamil Nadu Chapter
Sr. Officer - Corporate Accounts, CPCL


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